Master Samurai Tech®

The Master Samurai Tech® website is a valuable online training site for the person who wishes to utilize online training to reach personal and business goals.  Several online training courses are offered.  A Fundamentals course is useful for the novice.  An Advanced Troubleshooting course is more suited to the person who has more experience repairing appliances.  A Technician's Bundle is offered for the person who just wants to learn the technical aspects of appliance repair, and a Complete Business Bundle is offered for the person who wants to operate his/her own business.

The training is only offered on-line, and therefore does not offer a "hands-on, in-class" experience which some students find necessary to fully grasp the material.   The financing option is "PayPal Credit" only, which may make the financing option out of reach for those with marginal credit.  Samurai guy promotes what amounts to a full-fledged electronics technician background as being the only way to approach appliance repair, an opinion not shared by some experienced professionals in the industry.

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